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The erection process is the wadding of cavities with blood, and the acquirement of mechanical hardness via the genital organ, which makes it admissible to perform intercourse. Our readers recommend. Our rhythmical reader got rid of problems with potency with an noticeable method. He tested it on himself - the happen is 100% - entire elimination of problems. It is a unartificial herbal remedy. We deliver tested the method and sure to recommend it to you. The result is fast. POWERFUL METHOD. 2 cavernous; 1 spongy. They are surrounded beside a network of lilliputian blood vessels. Bodies are structured to answer with blood. This is the consonant feature of the penis - an erection. The corpus spongiosum is considered internal, surrounds and protects the urethra, and forms into the glans. It is because of the kidney of the spongy accumulation that these parts of the penis remain less sturdy than the cavernous.

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